Including people through employment, one person at a time!



SPHERE (Support for People with a Handicap Exploring the Road to Employment) is one of the major Canadian non-profit organizations whose mission is to foster labour market integration of people in a professional disability situation, as a result of a particular physical, mental or intellectual condition.


Reduce or eliminate employment barriers for the greatest number of people in a professional disability situation, so they have equal opportunity to use their skills.


SPHERE carries out its mission and vision…

1. By managing and promoting funding or programs for which SPHERE is a beneficiary to relevant partners, and aimed at supporting people in a professional disability situation:

  • Individual employment integration projects;
  • Implementation of adapted group training with internships in the workplace;
  • Support of self-employed workers;
  • Creation of new employment integration models.

2. By developing innovative employment integration projects for people in a professional disability situation.

3. By contributing to the improvement of policies and programs.

4. By informing and mobilizing all actors involved in the employment integration of people in a professional disability situation.

Guiding Principles


The organization encourages the pooling of expertise in the implementation of all its operations, with a view to complementing the programs. In this way, duplication and overlap of programs are avoided. Moreover, this practice allows maximum use of public funds dedicated to the integration into employment of people in a professional disability situation, and enhances existing services.

Flexibility and creativity

SPHERE’s support stands out for its flexibility and creativity, covering all the particularities of employment, making it possible to adjust to the real needs of each participant.

Consultation and partnerships

SPHERE ensures that the implementation of employment projects is done in close collaboration with field resources, in respect of their local or provincial particularities. The organization ensures therefore that it participates in local, provincial and national consultation initiatives.

Knowledge Transfer

To always offer the best solutions to any challenge, SPHERE actively encourages and promotes knowledge transfer, both with its team and partners.

Personalized and global approach

The participant’s job integration project is at the heart of the organization’s efforts. And it is relentless that the team, motivated by the importance of the person’s success, operates, of course, in respect of the abilities and the needs of this person.


The organization is obligated to remain attentive to client needs, but also employer, partner and general labor market needs too.


SPHERE team is proactive at finding and implementing ideas and partnerships that will foster new job integration models.