Including people through employment, one person at a time!


SPHERE (Support for People with a Handicap Exploring the Road to Employment) is a Pan-Canadian non-profit organization whose mission is to foster labour market integration of people living in a situation of professional disability, as a result of a particular physical, mental or intellectual condition.

SPHERE has the funds and expertise necessary to offer personalized financial and logistical support, be it

  • for individual employment integration projects,
  • customized group training with internships in the workplace,
  • self-employment projects
  • or even to create new integration models.

Since 1997, thanks to the collaboration of hundreds of frontline partners, it is more than 10,000 job seekers and employers that have had access to the support available.

Our partners include not only employment organizations but also organizations from various sectors like rehabilitation, health, social services, training and entrepreneurship, along with employers from various sectors, their representatives, and the government.

We believe that the best way to work is to combine our efforts. That is why we prioritize working hand in hand with our partners so that they can offer additional services when needed, or complement the ones already in place. That is also why we prioritize contributions to dialogue activities in each region and the sharing of ideas to improve services.

Our approach distinguishes itself by its flexibility. Our team knows how to be creative to find practical and effective solutions encouraging employment inclusion of the person, in collaboration with our partners.

Our goal: transform projects into success… with you!