Application for Financial Assistance

Project Submission Process


To simplify your application for financial assistance process, you must use the most recent versions of the documents, available in this page. To stay aware of the most recent updates in real time, we invite you to check the “Update(s)” section below. We recommend that you bookmark this page and refer to it for each request.


  • The financial assistance application procedure was revised on September 20, 2017. Please refer to the procedure below for any new application.
  • The form “Participant and Reffering Professional Information” has been updated on September 20, 2017.
  • The business number is now required on the form “Project Submission”.

Step 1

For each request, please

  1. go through the checklist “Eligibility Criteria and Eligible activities”;
  2. contact your Project Officer, or, if you are a new partner of SPHERE, contact our main office.
  3. the Project Officer assigned to your case will guide you through the next steps, if necessary.

Step 2

The following forms may be required by your Project Officer for subsequent steps in your financial assistance application.