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We offer a range of solutions that are tailored to fit the labor needs of employers.

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Why hire people with disabilities?

Include people with disabilities in your workplace, it is to your advantage! They are employees:

  • Who have great skills- Our candidates are trained and qualified according to your criteria;
  • Who are motivated- Work greatly increases the self-esteem of our candidates. They know the values of your company and are proud to work for you;
  • Who are productive- Performance of employees with disabilities is equal to or greater than the average.

Did you know?

The absenteeism rate, the turnover rate and the number of accidents of people with disabilities is equal to or lower than the average.

Why call on SPHERE?

We are experts in coordinating employment integration projects for people with disabilities since 1997. Take advantage of our free and adapted professional services! We create customized solutions to meet your manpower needs:

  • Classroom training with internship in a company;
  • Corporate training;
  • Work-study program.

 Project Coordination

  • Requirements analysis and creation of customized solutions
  • Partnership required for recruitment, training, support and monitoring in the workplace
  • Support before, during and after the project

 Financial assistance

  • Coaching during training and in the workplace
  • Adapted equipment and work station
  • Professional fees, interpretation, transportation, accommodation and other
  • Salaries and employers related costs

Throughout your journey with us, you will be able to rely on our flexible, quick and simple procedures. We remain available to provide you with advice and effective work solutions.

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