Connect, Coach and Match!

Connect, Coach and Match!

Second Edition of the “Connect, Coach and Match” Activity!

View testimonials from employers and participating candidates (Côte-Nord * Laurentides * Mauricie * Montérégie)
Participating employers (Côte-Nord * Laurentides * Mauricie * Montérégie)
Participating Supported Employment Services
Press Release

From May 6 to 20, 2019, the second edition of the “Connect, Coach and Match!” Activity weeks was held, coordinated by the ROSEPH (Association of supported employment services for people living with disabilities) and funded by SPHERE (Support for People with a Handicap Exploring the Road to Employment), thanks to the support of the Government of Canada, as part of the Opportunities Fund for Persons with Disabilities. The initiative enabled more than 60 companies from several regions of Quebec (Côte-Nord, Mauricie, Laurentides and Montérégie) to obtain support from their local supported employment service to organize mentoring activities, with the goal of hiring and retaining exceptional candidates.

More than 70 job seekers who have difficulty finding or keeping a job because of a particular physical, mental or intellectual condition (eg, AD / HD, anxiety, learning disability, a physical disability, etc.) had the opportunity, during these two weeks of activities, to be accompanied by an employment organization in their region. They had the opportunity to see their employment profile evaluated, receive support for job preparation and individual coaching to explore a field of employment related to their skills, validate their interest in being hired and be accompanied in their integration as needed. Employers, for their part, had the opportunity to learn more about the candidate(s) they have met by discovering their skills and abilities, having access to the support of an employment organization at all stages of the process, until the candidate is retained.

“Connect, Coach and Match!” was directly inspired by the “MentorAbility” initiative created by the Canadian Association for Supported Employment (CASE), to which was added a work integration component. In the province of Quebec, the deployment of “MentorAbility” is provided by SPHERE, which has been entrusted with the creation of nearly a hundred new mentoring projects and assistance to employability organizations in their use of the MentorAbility program.




Description of project results. Please view accessible Word document below.

Poster (PDF 339 ko)

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View testimonials from employers and participating candidates


Les délices de Michèle, proud mentor!

“I decided to participate in this project because I find it rewarding to help others. Mr. Desbiens helped us a lot. He was productive and he integrated well with the work team. The day was very pleasant. I invite employers not to hesitate to welcome people with disabilities in their businesses to contribute to their professional development.” – Michèle Beaulieu, Owner, Les Délices de Michèle/Confiserie la Mère Michèle

“I am a student in a class of social integration and I decided to participate to find a job at the same time as the school. I spent a day at La Mère Michèle Confectionery. I weighed and packed candies. I liked working with the team. The day was very interesting and I did not get bored. It is an experience that I will be able to add to my resume.” – Pierre-Luc Desbiens

Picture of participant working

CJE Manicouagan, proud mentor!

CJE Manicouagan, proud Mentor! “We are pleased to have welcomed Cynthia into our organization. This experience has allowed us to discover a candidate who meets our professional requirements. We invite employers to meet candidates, living with limitations, and get to know them beyond their disability. Ignorance often creates fears. Yet these people represent a motivated and competent workforce.” Manon Barbeau and Émilie Poirier Desbiens, CJE Manicouagan

“I agreed to participate in this project to have experiences in organizations offering jobs in my field of study. Thus, I have the opportunity to assert my skills and open doors to the job market. I really enjoyed participating in this project. Such an initiative demonstrates that people with disabilities have the same skills as others.” Cynthia McCluskey-Vaillancourt, Participant

Photo employeur et participant


MCB Informatique, proud mentor!

“We were approached by our local supported employment service, ITL, who introduced us to Alexandre, a young man with great potential. ITL gave me the chance to find an employee with a lot of potential. ITL offers a tight service adapted to the company.”Martin Boulanger, Employer, MCB Informatique

“My counselor told me about the project and introduced me to Michelle. The experience has been good. Michelle accompanied me in an interview after she found a job in my field. I started with an internship and got the job afterwards. By May 20, I will be an employee.”Alexandre Boisvert-Taillefer, participant


Piscines St-Louis, proud mentor!

“I’m happy to get up in the morning and have a goal, it brings me pride! I really like the customer service and my colleagues are very kind.” – Gabriel Beaudry-Bergeron, Participant

Picture of participant and employer


ARM, proud mentor!

“We had positive experiences in the past and we were ready to act as a mentor again. So far, we are very happy that Alexis has joined our team. Not only does he have the ability to accomplish his tasks, he also well integrated the team and is valued by his colleagues. Success!Frédéric Barbe, employer, ARM

Connect, Coach and Match! not only helps the new employee integrate his tasks and the team but the support provided also helps predict where there might be difficulties, which was important to me. Thanks to that I have a job that I like a lot and that I hope to keep until my retirement. The team is super friendly. A success! Alexis Léveillé, participant

Picture of participant


Nirvana chauffe-piscine, proud mentor!

“We participated in Connect, Coach and Match! to overcome a lack of manpower and the experiment was a success. We found in Eric a good employee. The project is very well supervised. If the opportunity arises, we will participate again. It is important for employers to be open to this type of project because there are very good candidates.”Sébastien Bergeron, Director of Operations, Nirvana Chauffe-piscine

“I wanted a job because I did not want to be on welfare anymore and wanted to get a grip on my life. I heard about the project on the Internet. I loved my experience, I learned new things. – Eric Ferland, participant

Picture of employer and participant shaking hands


Metro Plus Emery, proud mentor!

“I wanted to participate in Connect, Coach and Match! to give a chance to people with disabilities to develop their potential. It was a good experience and we benefited in every way from the presence of our participant.”Johanne Lambert, Marché Emery et fils

“The project has allowed me to get to know myself better, to find a job that meets my needs and to be supported to do so. I will now be able to have a stable job, learn at my own pace and to live with my boyfriend.” A satisfied participant!

Picture of the participant and employer


William Bergeron

“My employment counselor told me about the “Connect, Coach and Match!” project. I immediately said yes. I wanted to work, “I was tired of not doing anything”. I learned a lot of things about myself and I liked the job opportunity that was offered to me. This is my first work experience. Thank you for this beautiful program.”William Bergeron 

Photo du participant


Nicolas Desmarais-Giguère

“I’ve worked a lot on myself in the past year. What I like most is that I will get regular employment support from Éliane Veillettes. They helped me get serious and stable jobs. If I had to go back, I would do it again. I need to move! Thanks to my SEMO for all the support in the last few years, because I haven’t always been an easy case.”Nicolas Desmarais-Giguère 

Photo participant


AERA – proud mentor!

“I heard about “mentoring an exceptional person!” in my meetings with my SEMO advisor. I chose to participate for renewal. I needed an employer who would open the doors for me and trust me in the tasks they give me. I was accompanied by a SEMO officer. I was able to start with an internship to familiarize myself with a job. The experience was rewarding and my ability to get to know me better.”A satisfied participant!

“I believe that the capacity of people with disabilities should be considered the same in the hiring process as for people without disabilities, because they can be as competent, assume the same functions and have a career as others, with the appropriate adapted tools when needed. I would like to get people to change their beliefs and the way they look at people with disabilities, without focusing on it I strongly believe in the inclusion of people with disabilities in the workplace, in order to break down prejudice in society and the work environments.”Karine Descoteaux, Employer

Photo participante



Hôtel Brossard, proud mentor!

“We participated in this program to help someone who was looking for a job. 3 hours of internship does not commit us to anything, but allows a trainee to have a small idea of ​​the job at the front desk. I recommend this program to other employers for the benefits mentioned above.”Tanya Veillette, Employer, Hôtel Brossard


Oxebo, proud mentor!

“We participated in the program for the following reasons: shortage of labor force and lack of interest of job seekers to work. So we had an urgent need to find serious people who wanted to work. We also wanted to help people who had difficulties returning to work. Thanks to this program, we have found hard working, passionate people! It’s nice to have the feeling of helping, everyone wins. I suggest this program to any company! The support we have received is courteous, efficient and pleasant.”François Pelosse, President

“A big thank you to Diane Genest who worked very hard to find a job that suits me. Also to Annie Gagné, who supported me during my internship and Julie Plante who helped me with my orientation process”Pascal Lamontagne, participant


Beez, proud mentor!

“We have always been convinced that people with disabilities are perfectly qualified to do a job. This requires a good organization, but once it is in place, these people are reliable, responsible and punctual. That’s why we participated in this program, but also to give the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life. We are proud to have decided to participate in the program and our experience with Lydia is really satisfying. We discovered a girl full of energy and able to do her tasks 100%. In addition she is always available to offer her help to other colleagues. Working with people with limitations is a win-win for both employer and participant.Corin Orueta and Ghislayne Laghdir, Restaurant Owners Beez

“First of all, thank you very much to Diane Genest for finding me this job. It’s a very rewarding job because I can go at my own pace. I love doing housework and dishes, so this is the perfect job for me. The working atmosphere is great and all my colleagues are very kind to me. For now, I have no pressure and I had no negative comments, only good advices! Thank you very much Beez for giving me a chance!Lydia Dupont, participant


ASPRS, proud mentor!

“For many years I have had the opportunity to offer internships and employment opportunities to a number of people with disabilities. It is part of our corporate values ​​to welcome people with disabilities to give them a real chance to take full part in the community. In my opinion, it is up to employers to adjust in order to integrate people with disabilities into different jobs. The benefits are always exceptional due to the will and determination of these people, but also the human contribution and the lived experience that these people have. Companies that dare to offer these opportunities always benefit from it.”Mrs. Nancy Caron, Director of the Association sclérose en plaques Rive-Sud (ASPRS)

“Given my condition, I was worried that I would not be able to find a job after my office clerk training. Hearing about this program, I was relieved. I already had an interview and a job offer, and this is promising. I learned from this experience that no matter the disability, we are not alone. There is a program for us, to help us integrate into the job market.”Mrs. Rosine Amoussan, Participant

Picture of participant


Ville de Longueuil, proud mentor!

“First of all, I would like to thank you for the opportunity you offered me to meet two young, dynamic and interesting people with already very interesting life paths! Jordan and David allowed me and my team to have a privileged contact with young professionals at the beginning of their careers. They are clearly two young people with potential who will have good chances in the job market. From a human point of view, I recommend everyone to do the exercise and seize the chance to meet young talents!” Daniel St-Hilaire, IT Project Office Manager – Ville de Longueuil

“I turned to SDEM SEMO Montérégie to help me find a job because I did not know how my disability would affect my job search. How should I report to the employer? Is it a good idea to mention my disability in my resume? What are the employer’s fears about my disability? The mentoring experience comforted me about some of my fears. I was very well received and Daniel, the head of the IT and corporate architecture project office, took the time to get to know me and made me walk around the office to introduce myself. The experience gave me motivation in my job search and showed me another aspect of work: a welcoming work environment that I had not seen. – Jordan Raymond, participant

“It was a great opportunity to see how Longueuil’s IT systems work and how developers work on them. Not having too much experience with industry standards, this experience brought me knowledge that will be useful to me in future job search.” – David Condamines, participant

Picture of participants with mentors

Copyright: Ville de Longueuil. Center of the picture: Jordan Raymond and David Condamines, with employees of the Information Technology Department of the Ville de Longueuil.


APARY, proud mentor!

“What we can say to the employers is not to be afraid to give the chance to people who cannot do the same thing as before an illness or an accident, because they are able to gain the necessary new knowledge to return to the job market and they can bring a lot to a business. It’s very rewarding for everyone. – Carolle St-Onge, President, Association des personnes aphasiques du Richelieu Yamaska (APARY)

“I was accompanied for four months in the process of finding a job adapted to my disability, which now allows me to ensure financial stability. It is difficult to quantify the results of such a program, but do not underestimate the snowball effect it can have in people’s lives. As Dédé Fortin put it so well: “Pass me the puck, and I’ll score some goals!”Daniel-Alexandre Girard, participant


National Bank, proud mentor!

“Jiny brings us her beautiful energy, openness, enthusiasm and commitment. It’s rewarding to work with Jiny and it’s good for the team. It is a kind of team building since each of us brings something to this stage. We must make this experience beneficial both to Jiny and to us. Already the links are well established. I am very confident for the future. Thanks for thinking about us. – Gina Colombini, Director, National Bank

“I was ready and happy because National Bank gives its customers a quality service. I work with generous, understanding and welcoming women. The evening after my day of work, I am tired but a good tiredness!!! In the morning, I cannot wait to get to work. It allowed me to gain confidence in myself. I want to say to employers: do not hesitate to hire people with special needs; you will gain from this because the person you hire will be grateful and productive at work. I wish to thank SDEM-SEMO and the National Bank, my four colleagues, Gina, Mirna, Chantale and Guylaine, and the entire human resources department. – Jiny Roy, a perfect match!

Picture of participant with employer


Musique O Max, proud mentor!

“I participated in Connect, Coach and Match! because I think there are a lot of skills being lost. In addition, through this type of project, employers have the opportunity to benefit from personalized support to understand and meet the needs of the candidate. This is reassuring and allows a good integration of the employee within the company, as well as into its functions. This is not my first experience participating in employment projects with people with disabilities, nor will it be the last. – Tommy Théberge, President, Musique O Max Inc.

“I heard about the initiative through my local employment support service’s agent. I enjoyed the experience because my agent really supported me in a manner so that I would keep this job in the long run. I would like to tell job seekers not to be afraid being helped. Sometimes, we may wrongly think that it is a program like any other and that the results will be minimal if there are any. But that’s really not the case with this program.Malika Saint-Pierre, participant

Photograph of participant


Manubois, proud mentor!

“Employment integration works well and allows accommodating people who find fulfillment within their jobs. Their contribution to the company is significant. Thank you to our local supported employment service.” – Martin Terrault, President, Manubois

“I decided to participate in “Connect, Coach and Match!” in order to find a job. I received very helpful support. My counselor was with me when I went to visit the company. For my first day, she came with me for the first hour of work. I felt welcome! Very nice and dedicated staff … “Jasmine Proulx, participant




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Press Release

PDF version (662 kb)

In response to the labor shortage: “Connect, Coach and Match!”

Quebec, May 22, 2019 –The second edition of “Connect, Coach and Match!” was held from May 6 to May 20, 2019. The project was coordinated by the ROSEPH, a non-profit group representing Supported Employment Services for people with disabilities, and funded by SPHERE (Support for People with a Handicap Exploring the Road to Employment), thanks to the support of the Government of Canada, through the Opportunities Fund for Persons with Disabilities. This year, the project has empowered close to 65 businesses in several regions of Quebec (Côte-Nord, Mauricie, Laurentides and Montérégie) to hold workplace mentoring activities, organized with local Supported Employment Service’s help. The goal was to create the perfect match between employers and job seekers, with an objective of hiring and long term employment.

More than 70 job seekers, who had difficulty finding or keeping a job because of a particular physical, mental or intellectual condition (e.g. AD / HD, anxiety, learning disability, physical disability, etc.) had the opportunity to receive support from an employment organization in their region during these two weeks of activities. They were able to get their employment profile assessed, benefit from job preparation help and individual coaching (to explore skills related to job areas), confirm their interest in working in the area, as well as get help with work integration, if needed. Employers had the opportunity to learn more about the candidates by discovering their skills and abilities with open access to an employment organization’s support at all stages of the process, until the candidate is retained. For more details and testimonials,

The Project is inspired by ‘MentorAbility’, from the Canadian Association for Supported Employment (CASE). In Quebec, the deployment of ‘MentorAbility’ is directed by SPHERE. It was tasked with setting up nearly 100 new mentoring projects and assisting employability organizations with the program.


“SPHERE is proud to support inspiring projects such as Connect, Coach and Match!, because they bring not only significant economic and social benefits, but also help to display the adapted support available to every employer and job seeker through a wide network of professionals who often work in the shadows. Professionals everyone deserves to know better.” Nancy Moreau, Director, SPHERE

Connect, Coach and Match! was developed to meet two needs: concrete support to employers in their labour search by combining their needs in a personal way, and demystify recruitment in a little known labour pool – people with disabilities, which would gain to be better recognized. Due to current labor shortage situation, the project is an opportunity worth seizing” Laurence Marin, Director, ROSEPH

« We were honored that our local supported employment service has provided us with the opportunity to make a significant contribution to the employment integration journey of someone who has proven to be motivated and enthusiastic. Jiny brought her wonderful energy, openness, and commitment into our team.  » Gina Colombini, Director, National Bank

« What I want to say to employers is: do not hesitate to hire people with special needs; you will gain from this, because the person you hire will be grateful and productive at work. » Jiny Roy, a perfect match!


  • “People with disabilities are three times more likely than people without disabilities to be unemployed or excluded from the labor market.”1
  • “Nearly 3.8 million Canadians or 13.7% identified themselves as living with a disability in 2012.”1
  • “According to a BMO survey, 77% of small business owners who have hired people with disabilities said that these employees met or exceeded their expectations.”1


The ROSEPH is a non-profit group representing 23 Supported Employment Services for people with disabilities whose primary mission is to promote the integration and job maintenance of persons with disabilities.


SPHERE is a Canadian non-profit organization whose mission is to foster labour market integration of people in a professional disability situation. SPHERE has funds and expertise to provide personalized financial support for employment integration projects. SPHERE, member of the Canadian Association for Supported Employment (CASE), is responsible for the Quebec component of the “MentorAbility” offensive. The Quebec project “Connect, Coach and Match” is funded in part by the Government of Canada, through the Opportunities Fund for Persons with

– 30 –


Danielle Ferland
Special Project Manager, ROSEPH
514 945-1959, [email protected]

Marussia Paradis
Project Officer, SPHERE
1 866 239-1177 ext. 106, m.[email protected]

Cathy Lévesque
Project Manager, SEMO Côte-Nord
418 589-9034 ext. 205, [email protected]

Hélène Dontigny
Project Manager, SEMO Mauricie
819 379-8242, [email protected]

Michelle Fredette
Project Manager, Intégration-Travail Laurentides
450 979-1640 ext. 549, [email protected]

Diane Genest
Project Manager, SDEM SEMO Montérégie
1 800 646-6096 ext. 229, [email protected]


1. Brisbois, Richard. 2014. “Business Benefits of Accessible Workplaces”. Ottawa: The Conference Board of Canada. En ligne.