Services for the Self-Employed

You have functional limitations and want to work for yourself? We can help you.

With SPHERE, I Start my Customized Business!

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My costumized business is the self-employment segment of the support offered by SPHERE.

This support is intended for people living professional challenges because of a physical, mental or intellectual handicapping condition. We also say “in a situation of professional disability”.

This condition might have created obstacles to work as an employee and be the reason why someone would choose self-employment. This condition might also create particular challenges that need to be addressed in a context of business start-up.

Whatever the situation, the support can be offered directly to the self-employed or else, it can also be offered through a partnership between SPHERE and a business start-up professionnal who wishes to have access to customized support for the specific needs of a client.

Our goal: transform projects into success… with you!


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