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List of Tools

In this section, you will find adapted tools for people living a situation of professional disability, for business start-up.

Self-Reflection Tool for Your Business Project “Self-Employment: I Understand it, I get Prepared for it!”

What is self-employment? It may sound obvious, but before you launch your project: Have you pictured yourself as an entrepreneur? This document is a guide to all aspects of self-employment, preparation needed and evaluation whether the option meets your expectations.

In order to better complete your reflection tool, would you like to learn more about how entrepreneurs in a situation of handicap see entrepreneurship? Watch the following video to listen to testimonials.

Text Transcript of the Testimonials (.doc, 22 KB)

“Self-Employment: an Option to Consider” Guidance tool

Being self-employed is to pursue a professional activity while taking on the responsibilities that come with it, being your own boss. For many people, this is a way to increase revenue while taking advantage of more freedom and fulfilling ideas.

Any person wishing to work for himself must nevertheless be aware of the time and energy required to invest in his project in order to achieve their goal. As a future self-employed person living with a disability, you also need to make sure your job will meet your scheduling needs, as well as the required work environment and any support you may require.

Answering questions in this guidance tool will help you think about your project and how to make the most of your strengths and abilities. The goal is to increase your chances of success and evaluate the commercial and financial feasibility of your project.

If you want a project requiring few resources (a home business or to generate extra income), this guide should help you get the basic information needed to start. However, if your project requires significant investment or hiring staff, you should probably write a conventional business plan.

Complete your Guidance tool “Self-Employment, an Option to Consider”

You would like to learn more about how this guide could help you? Watch the following video.


Text Transcript for the video “Self-Employment, an Option to Consider” (.doc, 104 KB)

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